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After putting this off for a while, I've finally watched enough episodes to put out my first impressions of season 3 of WINX. Thanks to this channel on Youtube,… I'm steadily moving on in the series. So what are my first impressions?

Well to be honest, not particularly good. Sidestepping the animation, the plot's are leaving me...cold so far. (Pun unintended)

 We have a new villian in the form of Valtor and of course the return of the Trix. Again. It would be nice to actually see someone new for once instead of forever having these three turn up again and again ad infinitum. This time they've been banished to an icy prison called the Omega Dimension, with snakes that shoot out icy beams...Am I the only one who thinks that a little consideration into the nature of Icy's powers would have been a good idea? Naturally she defrosts within minutes of landing and they flee the snakes who want to freeze them again. They eventually join up with another prisoner Valtor, who is pretty powerful it seems, with a touch of megalomania. (After trying to feed him to the snakes that were chasing them. I have a feeling that will come back to bite them in the backside later) Because everyone knows that villians have no motives besides absolute power. Really, who wants wealth or simply desire to change the balance of power when you can attempt the impossible and try to seize absolute power after all? After all, it's managed to work so well before.

Here we come across another issue. How quickly and easily they escape. The snakes take out the protective barrier surrounding the way out. Which does beg the questions as to why the barrier wasn't designed to stop such an event. And why it was still standing. I doubt this is the first time someone has thought to use their attacks like this. And once it's gone, Valtor is able to open the way out with an ease that beggers belief. (Who the hell designs a prison with a lock that is so easily overcome?) The mermaid guards outside are little better, unable to even hinder Valtor's progress. Which begs the question as to why they're even there in the first place, as it appears that their combat prowess against magic users is barely worth a damn. That's just bad. Is it really asking too much to have guards in place who actually work, like the ones we saw in Season 2?

My next problem is with how easily Valtor is able to access the sun of Solaria. With barely a wave or merest hint of any sort of security screening, he gets in, aided and abetted by the Countess. Again, given how important this is supposed to be, you would think a more advanced screening would be in place. Or at least some sort of protection to stop someone just walking in and taking that power. This is supposed to be important after all.

Then we have Stella losing her powers. This is again a contradiction to the first season. If it's supposed to impossible to steal the power of another, why is she so powerless? It's not like she has a massively traumatic experience (Such as Bloom in the first season) to make her think she's lost her powers. They just vanish.

However there are signs of possible improvement. For a start, there's the segments concerning Layla and her concerns for her people and merfolk, reminding us that she is still an outsider in many ways. That's actually pretty good. Valtor's slightly creepy interest in Bloom promises to be most fascinating and I really hope it's developed well. We see very little of the annoying pixies and the way Headmistress Griffin refers to how this is one of their most important years at Alfea promises to be interesting. (I hope they do better than they did with Charmix) The new students as well promise to be interesting. The Indian (I'm not sure I can reasonably call a student who isn't from Earth Indian, but for want of a better word it will suffice.) girl who the pixies introduce themselves to has caught my interest and the Countess and her daughter are far more interesting villians than Daltor and the Trix. Whatever happens, I look forward to finding out.

I intend to finish this season, regardless of any improvements or otherwise, but if I'm honest, I'm less enamoured so far than I was with the first season.

Edit: Should have said Valtor. My mistake. Should be fixed now.


Matthew Beasley
United Kingdom
I'm a collector, not an artist as a rule.

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