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In the past couple of weeks I seem to have become entangled with something of a storm on DA.

Well not entangled as such, but as it blows into my domain, it has me involved.

A friend of mine on DA has put up a journal about a particularly...difficult member of Deviantart  QueenElsaFan2015 Rant.......You know? Having some people like Zacharybaker was as painful as it could be......but there is no more of an ungrateful, disturbing guy than QueenElsaFan2015.
Why do i feel like ranting about :iconqueenelsafan2015: ? i talked to :icondisneycow82:, before.....Queenelsafan2015 pretty much demands people to do his requests and have them exactly what he expects. That just makes him very ungrateful..when it's not exactly what he wanted.
And on top of that....his requests are sick! All there mostly nude pics of the characters from Frozen and with big boobs. It's just very sick, IMO...with the way he asks them.
Even other people find him ungrateful and he's 19 but acts like a 6-8 year old.
Sometimes, he just........he really needs to accept that if his request is done with it! Don't always constantly beg people for changing it because it wasn't as you expected.....i mean.....some people have worked hard on them and then you get dissa
Now I was drawn in when I made a comment to him on this piece (Mature content, so viewers of a sensitive nature may want to look away)

Mature Content

3rd Request for queenElsfafadfn2015 by Dj-Crunch

In response, QueenElsaFan2015 has put up an apology journal I'm sorry for the way I have on about your requestI really am sorry ok it just frustrates me when my request isn't the way it is 
I just need to realize they work hard as they can on a request they made me I'm sorry for being the way I have been I just need to be more specific about the request so there won't be any tension
All I ask is for your acceptance for my apologies 
and by all accounts is behaving better. Ordinarily I would regard this as a fresh start for him. I might even not bother with him again, even if Hillygon is less willing to forgive. At the very least, I have no desire to gang up on someone online to bully them away. Especially if it's a simple case of a bad attitude that they didn't realise they had at first.

However this is complicated by the fact that Hillygon and QueenElsaFan2015 are still at loggerheads and has apparently issued threats. (Along with rallying his friends in some kind of defence.) Not knowing the context in which these comments are made, I reserve judgement.

However, this is not the first time that someone has acted in this way as this journal shows OhYeahCartoonsFan RantI've been inspired by :IconSplicedBeast:'s rants about :IconChumleysCartoons:, so this one's for you, buddy. A REALLY big one.
If you're guys are friends with :IconOhYeahCartoonsFan:, then please read this journal. Now, when I first met him in December 2014, he was a nice guy who asked me to work on some requests for him, and I told him I could do that. Well, during this time, I had almost nothing left to inspire me to draw new pictures, and I was feeling sad. But, that was until he cheered me up and reinvigorated me to start working on his requests.
Some of the first requests were stories that were based on old cartoon shows called "Donovan vs. Angela the Security Guard" (based on Foghorn Leghorn: "Banty Raids") and "Friendship Doctors" (based on "2 Stupid Dogs: Love Doctors"), but this was when he started to become obnoxious. He started forcing me to do more requests and describe some cartoon characters that I had never heard of before, like Dodger Dare. Here's some evidence:
  It is entirely possible that QueenElsaFan2015 is of the same vein, or he might not be.

So here's what I am going to say. Make up your own minds whether you want to accept this guy's requests or not. It is possible that his change of heart is genuine and he really IS willing to not rude. On the other is entirely possible that Hillygon is right and this is merely a temporary facade. Approach at your own risk is all I will say. (Sorry Hillygon, but I am willing to give a second chance. If I'm horribly wrong about him then I apologise. But...I'm willing to try. Especially as I've made more than my share of mistakes online.)


Matthew Beasley
United Kingdom
I'm a collector, not an artist as a rule.

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