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I was tagged here 100 Facts about meTagged by :iconsirashtonofaquitiane:
1. Real Name: Beth
2. Nickname: I have a really embarrassing that only my family knows, and I'll never tell! But you can call me SunShine Smiley soleil - Sun 
3. Favorite Color: Pink
4. Male or Female?: Female
5. Elementary/Primary School: Yes
6. Middle/Secondary School: yes
7. High school/College: Some
8. University: no
9. Hair Color: Today I'm a red head!
10. Tall or Short?: so damn short, barely 5'1"
11. Sweats or Jeans?: Jeans
12. Phone or Camera?: Phone
13. Health or Freak?: Hmm, freak I guess Fool Emoji-14 (Pervy Crazy Dance) [V1] 
14. Orange or Apple: orange
15. Fucked off Elsewhere: umm idk?:baffled: 
16. Guy Friends or Girl Friends?: both
17. Piercings?: ears, used to have nose,  I also used to have my nipples pierced but then I had kids.
18. Pepsi or Coke?: Eww I hate Soda. Water Please
19. Have you been on an Airplane?: Yes

1. Real Name: Matthew You get the rest of it from my cold dead keyboard;D

2. Nickname: Mr Bendy (On account of how flexible I am in ju-jitsu)  

3. Favourite Colour: Blue or black

4. Male or Female?: Male

5. Elementary/Primary School: Sigh. I LIVE in Britain. It’s kind of compulsory. St Paul’s Primary (A Catholic church school)

6. Middle/Secondary School: St Mary’s High School. (Church of England. And yes, we did get taught about evolution. What do you think this is?)

7. High school/College: Herts Regional

8. University: no

9. Hair Colour: Dark brown.

10. Tall or Short?: Tall enough. Not short, but not exceptionally tall either.

11. Sweats or Jeans?: Jeans

12. Phone or Camera?: Can’t I have both? Camera for photos, phone for everything else

13. Health or Freak?: Eh, can I be both? A healthy freak;D

14. Orange or Apple: Apple. As long as it’s a good one

15. Fucked off Elsewhere: umm idk?:baffled: No need to change this one. I’m just as puzzled.

16. Guy Friends or Girl Friends?: False dichotomy. The two really aren’t mutually exclusive you know?

17. Piercings?: Not one.

18. Pepsi or Coke?: There’s a difference?

19. Have you been on an Aeroplane?: Yes. And yes, I switched out the American word for the British word. Sue me, I’m more comfortable with it.

20. Have you been in a relationship?: What kind? If romantic, then yes. A BDSM one? No.

21. Have you been in a car accident? Not one thankfully. Here’s hoping I haven’t jinxed it.

22. Have you been in a fist fight?: Does sparring count? Nothing beyond a little roughhousing with friends.

23. First piercing?: The ones I haven’t got yet. Didn’t you see my earlier answer?

24. Best Friend(s)?: A select little group who's identities are classified;D

25. First Award: The one I probably can’t remember

26. First Crush: A girl in my form at school

27. First Word: How am I supposed to remember that? First words tend to be at a VERY young age.

28. Any talents? Art? I can write well enough…walk everywhere. I’m a brown belt in ju-jitsu and a black tag in Tae-kwon do. Does that count?

29. Last person you talked to?: Mum

30. Last person you texted?: My sister

31. Last person you watched a movie with?: My mum.

32. Last thing you ate?: Cheese sandwiches.

33. Last movie/TV show you watched?: How to train your dragon: Race to the Edge on Netflix. Yes, that counts.

34. Last song you listened to?: Everything or nothing. See it here on YT…

35. Last thing you bought?: A shower head. (Ours needed replacing)

36. Last person you hugged?: my nephew. (He’s six and very huggable)


37. Food: Home made bread pudding.

38. Drink: Tea

39. Bottoms: Combats/cargo trousers

40. Flower: The one that I’m looking at, at any given time. So sue me, I’m not a botanist!

41. Animal: Cat. They’re purrfect. (I like dogs as well though)

42. Music: Rock/metal/Jpop/Kpop depending on my mood.

43. Movie: The House of Flying Daggers maybe? Star Wars possibly?

Have you ever...

45. Fallen in Love with someone?: Yes

46. Celebrated Halloween?: Yes

47. Had your heart broken?: Yes

48. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone?: Yes

49. Had someone like you?: Yes

50. Hated the way someone changed?: More than I care to admit.

51. Got pg?: I think this means pregnant. I’d have made medical history if I had.

52. Had an abortion?: No. Seriously, I would have to make medical history to GET pregnant in the first place. How many guys do you know who get pregnant in real life? (Fanfiction is a different kettle of fish)

53. Did something you regret?: More times than I care to count. But that’s part of being human.

54. Broken a promise?: Yes. I prefer not to though.

55. Hid a secret?: Yes

56. Pretend to be happy?: Yes

57. Met someone who has changed your life?: Yes

58. Pretended to be sick?: Yes 

59. Left the country?: Yes 

60. Tried something you normally wouldn't like and liked it?: Yes

61. Cried over the silliest thing?: Yes

62. Ran a mile?: No. At least, I don’t THINK that I’ve ran a mile. Walked on the other hand…

63. Gone to the beach with your best friends?: no

64. Gotten into an argument with your friends?: You can hardly know someone for that long and NOT argue.

65. Disliked someone?: Probably more people than I should. What can I say, I’m human.

66. Stayed single for two years since the first time you had a bf/gf?: Yes. I’m staying off the dating scene at the moment, I have enough to worry about thank you.


67. Eating: Nothing. I had lunch not that long ago

68. Drinking: Tea. Earl Grey to be exact. (Which is a cliché I’m happy to embrace;D)…

69. Listening to: Absolutely nothing, I’m filling in this form thing.

70. Sitting or laying?: Most people don’t tend to stand at the computer. Sitting

71. Plans for today?: Pick up my nephew from school, spend time with him. Eat dinner. Get him ready for bed. Go ju-jitsu (It’s on Mondays and Wednesdays) Have haircut

72. Waiting for: The rest of my life. I’m too busy filling this in.

73. Want kids?: Maybe. In the future with the right person.

74. Want to get married?: Eh, if I meet the right person. See above

75. Want to travel?: I want to travel the world. China, Japan, Egypt, Canada (I have family there) and a whole host of other places. Alas, I would also need this inconvenient details like money and time.

What do you look for in a partner?

76. Lips or eyes?: Don’t most people have both? Eyes

77. Shorter or taller?: Shorter I suppose, but not fussy either way.

78. Younger or older?: Younger. I feel like an old man when I say that…

79. Romantic or spontaneous?: Romantic I guess? There’s got to more to it than that.

80. Sensitive or loud?: Sensitive. I’ve had some less than pleasant experiences with loud

81. Hook-up or relationship?: Relationship. I don’t particularly care for hook ups personally.

82. Looks or personality?: Personality. Looks fade, but personality you can grow old with.

Have you ever...

83. Lost glasses?: More times than I should really.

84. Snuck out of the house?: Yes

85. Held a gun/knife in self defense?: Carrying a knife could put me in prison. And where would I get a gun? Our gun laws are a LOT stricter over here. The chances of me being able to use a gun in self defence is laughable. No to both and I hope I never have to.

86. Killed somebody?: I’m sure the various people I’ve killed in Call of Duty/Grand Theft Auto/Fable/Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 1&2/Killzone/Red Faction/Dragons Dogma etc would say yes. Real life…well unless you know where I hid the bodies and can absolutely prove beyond all reasonable doubt that I killed someone, the answer is no. (Wait, do bugs count?) 

87. Broke someones heart?: Maybe? I wouldn’t really know.

88. Been in love?: Yes

89. Cried when someone dies?: No. I’m odd like that.

Do you believe in... 

90. Yourself?: I’m busy typing out this answer, right? I’d consider that pretty good evidence that I exist;D

91. Miracles?: No. The unexplained? Certainly

92. Love at first sight?: Love is far more complexed than that. Attraction is one thing, but love? No

93. Heaven?: No

94. Santa Claus?: No. Now the Tooth Fairy on the other hand…have you ever wondered why she takes teeth?

95. Aliens? I think it's unrealistic to believe we are alone in the universe. Have we met them yet is a different kettle of fish. (I would treat alien abduction stories as questionable at best)

96. Ghosts/Angels?: Up for debate. Also, you can believe in angels without believing in ghosts and visa-versa. Personally I’m leaning towards no.


97. Is there one person you really wanna be with right now?: Fine as I am, thank you very much.

98. Do you know who your real friends are?: Yes. They’re the guys throwing my weight about;D

99. Do you believe in God?: Not for over a decade at least.

100. Post as 100 Truths and tag 5 people

If you're interested, give it a go. If not, feel free to ignore






Have fun


Matthew Beasley
United Kingdom
I'm a collector, not an artist as a rule.


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