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I have finally gotten around to finishing season 3 of Winx and as I have done with season 1 WINX. An assessment of the first season.A few days ago, I finished watching the first season of WINX on Netflix. Those of you who read my last journal on the subject will know what my first impressions were. For those who didn't and can't be bothered to follow the link, my impressions were that the series was underwhelming. Having now finished watching the first season, I thought I'd make a new journal.
First up, I DO feel that the series improved over the course of time. Certainly the characters have slowly made an impression on me and the villians (specifically the Trix) do feel more serious as the story unfolded. I do have a few gripes though.
Firstly, the character of Muerta. She's the most interesting character I have encountered in the series thus far and I would love to have seen more of her story. Why, out of all the students at Cloud Tower, is she the only one suggesting that they get along?
Secondly, the rest of the students from Cloud Tower. With almos
  and season 2 WINX Season 2. An assessmentHaving finally gotten down to finishing season two of WINX, I decided to do an assessment in the same way I did for season one Those of you who read my first impressions on the season will remember that I was far more impressed than I had been with season one at the same point. The question is, has the rest of the series continued to the same standard? Well...yes and no. While the start of the season is better and some of my complaints about the first season have been dealt with there are some very annoying points and some very weak episodes that irritate me, starting with the rescue mission. Seriously, in the whole Magix dimension,, I've decided to produce a review. Those of you who read my first impressions on the season will know that I was not impressed with the first few episodes.  Winx Season 3 First impressionsAfter putting this off for a while, I've finally watched enough episodes to put out my first impressions of season 3 of WINX. Thanks to this channel on Youtube, I'm steadily moving on in the series. So what are my first impressions?
Well to be honest, not particularly good. Sidestepping the animation, the plot's are leaving me...cold so far. (Pun unintended)
 We have a new villian in the form of Valtor and of course the return of the Trix. Again. It would be nice to actually see someone new for once instead of forever having these three turn up again and again ad infinitum. This time they've been banished to an icy prison called the Omega Dimension, with snakes that shoot out icy beams...Am I the only one who thinks that a little consideration into the nature of Icy's powers would have been a good idea? Naturally she defrosts within minutes of landing and they flee the snakes who want to freeze them again. They eventually joi
However, the question this time is whether the season has improved over the course of its run? Well I am happy to say that it most certainly has.

I won't say that this season is without its flaws. No, it definitely has those. But compared to the depressingly poor quality of the opening few episodes of this season, it is extremely impressive. I do however have a few gripes with this season.

Firstly, the lack of permanancy amongst the use of dark spells. Whether it's Layla's blindness or the loss of one fairies wings, they do seem to always be instantly curable. There's no real recovery time or permanant injury. How does a fairy cope without her wings? Is there a stigma? etc, etc, etc. All these ideas and yet critically underused.

Then we have the Winx's trip to the Omega dimension, a notoriusly cold place. You would presume that they would wrap up warmly. After all, freezing to death on a rescue mission would rather defeat the object. But instead, they walk in dressed like it's a warm summers day. This is compounded when in a later episode. Bloom comes in after them wrapped up in a thick warm wintery clothing.

On a related note, the girls forgot they had wings while they were there it seems. Falling off the edge of a cliff is generally avoidable if you have wings;D

One of the things that struck me as amusing is when the various parents came and demanded that Bloom leave Alfea because, and I quote, they're afraid that she'll draw danger to the school. (They may have a point. In her entire time at Alfea, the school has been regularly attacked. The dangers of living in a cartoon I suppose;D) This might be more believeable in the first season. Less so the third when the school has been attacked multiple times and faced a multitude of hostile intruders.


I must admit, I am surprised that the Magix Dimension is so slow to respond to Valtor and the consequences of his actions. When Layla’s world is in danger of collapsing into the Omega Dimension along with the surrounding worlds, do we see a coordinated effort to stop that happening? Do we see a coalition of forces from different worlds fighting to save Andros and help seal the portal? Do we see a vast humanitarian effort to evacuate at least some of the planet? Do we see worlds on heightened alert, preparing security measures to stop Valtor? The answer is of course no. Which begs the question, why the hell not? After all, they’re perfectly happy to dump their undesireables off world, is it really too much to ask that they share important information at the very least?


Finally we have the Trix being returned to Light Rock at the end of the series. Really guys, you could have put them there instead of dumping them in the Omega Dimension and saved us the trouble. And it might have actually, you know, been the sensible course of action given that the Omega Dimension happens to be one of the worst designed prisons EVER. Especially for Icy.


That said, there are a LOT of really great episodes and moments in this series. The much weaker opening episodes give way to sharper and darker storylines. I have numerous favourites.


I like the new Enchantix powers. Unlike the Charmix, these are not so easily gained. Instead we see the fairies forced to choose great personal sacrifices that go above and beyond reasonable and this is truly admirable. My personal favourites are Layla (who was willing to lose her eyesight permanently to save a relative stranger) and Techna (who was literally sucked into a frozen hell to save a world not her own.)  Admittedly, my inner cynic is half expecting to see a game achievement tag when they reach a new transformation (Achievement 10G: Enchantix power) but I like it.


Actually, I think Techna’s story arc with regards to her enchantix powers probably deserve an individual mention. Not only is she a perfect example of a very serious effect of dark magic and consequence of the Winx’s adventures, but the story arc that follows is truly impressive. We have the rest of the Winx grieving and starting down a path of revenge. We have Timmy searching for her and his emotional journey. And we see her survival in the frozen chaotic wasteland of the Omega Dimension. She really earned my respect in this.


I also enjoyed seeing the Company of Light and their backstory. In particular, the story of Headmistress Griffin. I like the idea of her making such mistakes and more importantly, turning away from them.


It’s a nice change to see the specialists acting in a competent manner for once. Previous series have left me wondering just what the point of them is. (Other than boyfriend material of course) Now we actually see them as presumably they are meant to be seen as, basically commandos/SF troops.


One of the more interesting stories (and one that had so much potential to be dealt with badly) was Bloom’s search for her inner dragon. It’s clever and takes what should be an annoying/cutesy character and makes them…well interesting. The twist at the end is especially good. (Although I DO think that there was a bit too much focus on her ‘special cookie’ status. Not sure why she got HER Enchantix powers through sheer will after all.)


The Trix, it is worth noting, receive a much needed upgrade of their own. Admittedly they still screw it up, but at least they have some kind of parity with the Winx instead of facing ever increasing obsolescence in the face of new upgrades from the Winx. This is something that I have felt was necessary if I’m honest (even if their costumes in that episode are bad)


I like seeing them fight over Valtor’s attention and affections, it’s most amusing. And makes for some interesting internal politics. (Although it’s amusing to watch him cast a spell on Stormy. Perky and kind are really not what we’re used to from Stormy;D)


The Water Stars episodes are also a really good. Because Blooms Enchantix powers are incomplete, the focus is much more on the other girls. In particular, Stella, Techna and Musa. Each have yet more sacrifices to make and this time these are more personal in nature. And it is Musa’s, in my opinion, that is the most emotional. Because after the girls make their specific choices, they regain what they chose to forsake. Musa has no such luxury and her mother remains lost to the world.


Valtor’s more willing minions are pretty good as well. We see the return of Diaspro (Hope I get the spelling right) and she is not a pretty sight up close. (She didn’t exactly cover herself with roses when we first met her either) and of course Countess Cassandra and her daughter. Interestingly enough, it is Cassandra’s daughter who has the greatest similarity to her Winx foe. Cassandra’s daughter is spoilt and selfish, in many ways not dissimilar from Stella. Where the two differ is where it really counts though. Stella, for all her faults, can be kind and generous to a fault and her courage is second to none.


Then we have the introduction of Nabu. His story is very nicely written and he doesn’t feel shoehorned in to fit in the gap. When he reveals who he really is, it’s a very nice twist.


So to conclude, this season may have started off incredibly weak, but has managed to strengthen itself to a far more solid, far more enjoyable series and I hope that season 4 continues to deliver in terms of quality.


Matthew Beasley
United Kingdom
I'm a collector, not an artist as a rule.

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