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Glee-Chan tagged me so out of boredom (Or maybe I'm just procrastinating too much) I filled this out.


1) You must post these rules.  

Of course. Just don't expect me to respect them.

2) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make your own ten questions for the people you tag to answer.

--Really, this is the only rule necessary...but since when has that stopped anyone?

3) Choose ten people and put their icons and/ or username on this journal.

Meh, if I can find ten people. And be bothered to write out their names.

4) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged.

Let me think about, I think I'll pass. They'll be told that I've tagged them anyway, haven't you been paying attention?

5) You have to legitimately tag ten people.

Or I could simply tag nobody at all. How do you intend to enforce this daft rule?

6) No tag-backs.

Well that rules out Glee-chan. Who thinks this is BS. I'm inclined to agree.

7) Can't say, no tags.

You taking the mickey here?

8) Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry.

No. I'm doing this for the hell of it and really don't give a flying pigs ear if anyone else does it.

9) Go to the tagger's page and inform him/her that you've made a "Got tagged" journal entry. 

Meh, I suppose.

01.)  Kill-Fuck-Marry: Who will you kill, fuck, or marry out of these choices.  No bullshit answers.  Lorelie Gilmore, Bella Swan, and Rachel Berry.

Kill Bella Swan (Who wouldn't? She's a whiny bitch with an abusive boyfriend. Hell, I wanted to kill her when I was reading the books) Marry  Lorelie Gilmore and fuck Rachel Berry. At least she can't sing while we're otherwise engaged..

02.)  Would you rather:  Watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy or listen to an entire song from Justice Bieber, acoustic version?

Grey's Anatomy is unknown to me. Justin Beaver is not. I'd rather take a chance with Grey. I might even like it.

03.)  If for one night you could sleep with anyone you fancy, as many times as you wanted, BUT the price is to give up a precious item each time you do it, would you go through with it?

No. I'd rather get there under my own steam thanks. Makes it more worthwhile.

04.)  Cat or Dog... which one do you eat for Thanksgiving?

Two things against this. The first is that I'm a vegetarian, the second is that I don't celebrate Thanksgiving on account of me being on the wrong side of the pond.

05.)  Which is worse: Pedophilia, Necrophilia, or Anita Sarkeesian?  (Just picking one, you're saying you'd rather do the other choices.)

I have a three year old nephew who I think the world of so frankly paedophillia is DEFINITELY the worse one.

06.)  Who do you think is the better singer:  Chad Kroeger, Avril Lavigne, Rebecca Black, or Nicki Minaj.

Avril Lavigne. No idea who the others are.

07.)  "I started working at 15.  I spent 1/4 of my life working in a sweat shop.  I spent 1/5 of my working life in a whore house, and I spent 1/3 of my working life as a crossdresser dominatrix.  For the last 13 years of my working life I've been editor for Lifetime Television.  How old am I?" 

42. Because that's the answer to life the universe and everything. (Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy anyone?)

08.)  Your house is burning and you can save one thing: Miley Cyrus or a half eaten bag of Chex Mix, which is off brand and gross to begin with.  Which do you choose.

Miley Cyrus. The Chex mix isn't worth the time and she still might grow up. Alternatively neither. Just concentrate on getting out! (Although what Miley Cyrus is doing in my house I don't know.)

09.)  If you could commit genocide on one culture and get away with it (no one calling you racist or anything), which past or present culture would you wipe out? this a trick question? I ask Christian fundies why it's acceptable for God to do this as it is. 

10.)  After getting through my horrible, disgusting, deplorable questions, would you ever consider doing this again if I'm tagged in the future.  

Probably. If I could be bothered.

So now, here are my ten questions.

1: Do you remember the name of your first crush?

2: Do you like manga?

3: Have you ever written fanfiction?

4: Good news/bad news. Your favourite comic/manga/book/tv series/game is going to be made into a major film. The bad news is that there are only two directors available, Uwe Boll or M. Night Shyamalan… Who do you pick?

5: Have you ever had an interest historical European martial arts (HEMA)? (For the record, this doesn't have to mean doing HEMA, just an interest of some sort)

6: Have you ever had the urge to write a book?

7: What are your favourite games?

8: Have you ever spent more time on Youtube than you really should?

9: Who are your favourite artists on this site?

10: What is your favourite food?

And here are my 10 people to be tagged, if they so desire.











Wow, I actually managed 10 people. I'm actually impressed.


Matthew Beasley
United Kingdom
I'm a collector, not an artist as a rule.

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