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As I mentioned in my previous journal on the subject, I've been watching Animorphs season 1  Animorphs. First impressionsRecently, to break the pattern of watching Farscape and WINX, I started watching the first season of the tv series Animorphs on Netflix. I read the books when I was younger and I though it would be fun to see how well it adapted to the screen.
Unfortunately Netflix is missing the second eisode so I have to mentally adapt to the missing episode and that did not help matters. However, despite this, I have to say that I've enjoyed what I've seen so far. The storyline is fairly solid and the kids are likeable enough so far.
There are some rather obvious drawbacks. The technology the kids use in their everyday life is pretty dated and this has created a feeling of displacement with the idea that this is supposed to be happening right now. Also, the special effects are also dated. Compared to later sci-fi shows, the CGI is pretty weak.
However these are minor gripes rather than serious problems, more a product of the time it was made more than anything else and if I am honest with myself, th

However upon further viewing, I discovered that the series only extends a mere 6 episodes into season 2 and as such, took the liberty of postponing my review of season 1 until I had finished watching season 2 and reviewing both of them together. Although this is actually running late as I've spent too long procrastinating over it.

I am pleased to say that the early promise of the series has not let me down. The storyline has remained solid and the way the characters interact is really good as well, feeling fluidic and very organic. The Yeerks and the villian Visser 3 in particular are very intimidating and there's a real feeling of paranoia as well. It's particularly emotional watching how the characters react when they discover people they love infested with Yeerks, although my personal favourite is when we discover why Chapman chose to accept being infested. That in itself is an incredibly touching piece.

Ax, the young Andalite stuck on Earth is very much the fish out of water in this in a way that feels very real, from the struggling to walk on two legs to the repetitive nature of his speech and even trying to eat an ice cream with his foot and expecting car doors to open for him. And the way he fails to understand how money works is most amusing. Think you have problems when you're in a foreign country? It's even worse on an alien planet;D

The morphing technology has its own hazards as well, with risks ranging from being squashed like a bug to being trapped in a shape not your own, something that they discover to their cost.

Tobias's story arc is extremely well handled. From his morphing issues to his parentage, the way the story plays out is different to the books, but in this case, the story is handled in a very solid way.

There are a few minor gripes about the series. The Elemist isn't handled very well at all and we don't really get a feel for just how powerful he's supposed to be. He turns up in one episode, but Jake refers to having talked to him before, a contradiction in the plot. (I suspect that there's a missing episode or two with him in, but whether it's missing from Netflix or simply never broadcast, I don't know)

 There are a lot of filler episodes where relatively little happens in the larger scheme of things. But even the filler episodes are enjoyable and pretty solid in terms of story. And I suspect that if major victories happened every episode, the war would not be believeably last the whole season I suspect and war isn't always about big victories.

 The human resistance in the last episodes of the series could have played a bigger role and been better prepared as well. They don't appear to be suitably prepared or ready despite the fact that they've been on the run from the Yerks for some time.

Overall though, I would say that the virtues of this series far outweighs the vices and would highly reccomend giving it a go.


Matthew Beasley
United Kingdom
I'm a collector, not an artist as a rule.

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