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Having finally gotten down to finishing season two of WINX, I decided to do an assessment in the same way I did for season one… Those of you who read my first impressions on the season will remember that I was far more impressed than I had been with season one at the same point.…. The question is, has the rest of the series continued to the same standard? Well...yes and no. While the start of the season is better and some of my complaints about the first season have been dealt with there are some very annoying points and some very weak episodes that irritate me, starting with the rescue mission. Seriously, in the whole Magix dimension, the best that they can send is a group of teenagers who are still in school? In the first season, it made sense because the battle was landed on them. They really didn't have a choice. But a rescue mission is something else entirely. Not to mention that instead of taking their resident dark magic expert Mirta (who as a former witch SHOULD know a thing or two about the limits of dark magic) doesn't even get a mention. Then there's the inconsistency of leaving Musa and Flora behind on the basis that their powers have nothing to work with or simply dangerous, but they are able to go into the final battle at Darkar's fortress? Again, a little thought would be appreciated.

Another thing that bothered me was the stuff about Brandon being forced to marry Princess Amentia. There's a sort of male-rape issue going on but it's treated as a joke. Really guys, is this the best you can come up with? It's supposed to be funny. I just felt uncomfortable.

Now I've mentioned the Pixies before and I can safely say that I have warmed to them a bit, but to be honest, I really don't feel they really bring a lot to the story and they really aren't needed. They do prove useful, but I still don't really care for them. On the plus side I don't hate them any more.

Then there was the episode where Techna and a few others attacked Professor Avalon. Yes I know he's not the real one, but seriously? To make it worse 'everyone' knows this prophet/seer who makes the prediction about Avalon is a 'comedian' Sounds like a real laugh a minute. Not to mention the simple fact that if 'everyone' knows him, wouldn't they 'know' he's a comedian? Just a thought. And of course f Avalon really was such a threat, why did he rescue the others against the Trix? It doesn't make sense and if Techna and the others had bothered to use their brains they probably would have come to the same conclusion. And their punishment is extraordinarily light for attacking a teacher. I suspect that had  tried and failed to seriously hurt a teacher like that when I was at school, I would be looking at suspension easily.

Then there's the time when the Trix seize the codex from Red Fountain. They sliced through Red Fountain's defences like a knife through butter, making you wonder why they even bothered with a distraction the first time round. Actually, with only one exception, the codex episodes are very weak. In Pixie Village, after so many times stressing that they CAN'T return , they do just that, to find a cure THAT THEY ALREADY HAD and ended up NOT NEEDING. The whole episode is frankly a lazy excuse to have Icy seize the codex. The seizing of the Alfea codex is just as bad. The 'Secret Library' has virtually NO defences at all, nothing whatsoever to protect itself, the Codex and the books inside the library beyond being hidden. Oh and a handful of pixies. Not good. The fact that Bloom was able to find it so easily in the first place is an indication of just how weak the protection is at Alfea. In short, the writers really needed to have thought these things through a bit more.

The episode the Invisible Pixies is really weak as well. Firstly, they walked out of a BOARDING SCHOOL and skipped classes, somehow expecting to get away with it. This is followed by Bloom's mother not actually bothering to question WHY her daughter is at home on a SCHOOL DAY. And then we have the club scene. Seriously, a bunch of brainless thugs shouldn't even represent a threat to ONE pixie, especially not a combat experienced member of WINX and somehow these punks actually manage to be a threat. How the hell are you girls supposed to handle REAL threats like Shadow monsters? And of course, I'm left wondering what happened to their freedom to travel into town, like they did in the first season. Has it suddenly become off limits? Not a single answer is given.

Finally there's the Charmix. This feels like a lazy excuse to upgrade the girls powers to put them on a more even footing with the Trix. But we've ALREADY been shown two ways to do that with convergence magic and clever thinking. I'll talk a bit more about this stuff later. The charmix come really fast. In ONE episode, the majority of the girls gain their charmix, with hardly any effort. It does leave you wondering why they haven't achieved this sooner and it sn't more widely available. I mean, they can hardly be the only pixies to have faced their issues like this.

However, despite all my complaints, as well as the weak points, there are some outstanding parts as well and they compensate for the weaker parts a lot. One of my favourite sections of the series is when the WINX are enrolled at Cloud Tower. Seeing the tensions between the fairies and the witches is really good and I love the stuff between Mirta and Lucy. It's heartfelt, touching and really well put together. Unlike the other Codex episodes, this has a solid base with a defense that's worth a damn. (Headmistress Griffin is awesome in this) We even see the witches get involved in the fight, something that was lacking in the final battle of the first season. Although I suspect that some of the film references mentioned in the film would go over the heads of most of their target audience. That said, the pixie is actually amusing and not irritating in this segment as well, a real bonus.

Then there's the episodes where Musa beats the powered up Stormy without any help from the others. First time involved using a rain dance, something Stormy dismissed as primitive and yet it worked. It's a great demonstration of the principle that just because something is primitive, doesn't mean it still can't be useful and unlike Techna's episode with Avalon, the lesson doesn't feel artificial. The second time is during her concert. This episode has a really good use of developing Musa's relationship with her father and we see the power of a lot of people working together. Musa is officially a tough nut;D

I must admit to liking Bloom's 'crush' on Professor Avalon. It makes for some great tension between her and Skye. (Who is a bit of a jerk anyway.)And having had a crush on a teacher before, it feels very real. Amusingly enough Bloom doesn't seem to realise her feelings either. Of course, her feelings towards Avalon would be forever tainted by the 'Dark Copy' of Avalon, which was disappointing.

The episode where Bloom gets her charmix is pretty solid too. Ironic considering the fact that the charmix itself is lazy in terms of plot.

The final battles and the betrayal of the Trix is another fine piece, demonstrating Lord Darkar's willing readiness to toss aside his allies if he finds it convenient. Then when they make their twisted return, it's a really cool idea. And of course we get to see Faragonda, Griffin and the guy who's name I cannot remember working together superbly and that's always a sight worth seeing.

So overall...I DO feel that this season is better than the last, but I feel that it is let down a LOT by some VERY weak episodes. 

And now I must sadly stop watching WINX on Netflix as the series ends there with them. Fortunately, thanks to this wonderful member of DA, I don't have to wait forever and a day for Netflix to get around to putting up season three andwhen I'm ready, I shall go and continue my WINX journey.


Matthew Beasley
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I'm a collector, not an artist as a rule.

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